My Piano Services

Maintenance and support of stringed instruments

Professional tuning, regulation and voicing of grand and upright pianos

On the following pages I would like to introduce you to the services I offer. Please have a look around and do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

The procedure:
The appointment can be arranged by phone or email.

You will always receive fixed price offers from me including all additional services such as travel expenses. So, you always know in advance which costs you will have to pay. For more complex repair requests, you will always receive a cost proposal before I take action.

Payment is made directly on site in cash or by EC card. In case I have to procure more expensive spare parts for you, I reserve the right to ask for a down payment.


The string tension and fluctuations in a room climate cause the piano to out-of-tune. Playing also puts strain on the strings and tugs at the tuning.

Just like a guitar player before each playing, you have to make sure once or twice a year that your piano stays in tune. For this purpose, I come to you regularly and carry out the necessary work on your piano. And if you wish, I can take over the scheduling for you and will always contact you in time.

The Treatment of your upright or grand piano includes the following 3 aspects:

  • Piano tuning bedeutet, die Spannung der Saiten so einzustellen, dass sie klanglich zueinander passen.
  • Regulating means adjusting the tension of the strings so that they match each other in sound.
  • Intonation means to influence the sound image by treating the felt on the hammer heads.

Professional maintenance and personal advice on the care of your instrument is always included.


A piano is a complex structure that has to withstand a lot. The more than 200 strings pull with several tons on the cast-iron frame, the mechanics are filigree and exposed to high stress, and at the same time all movements inside take place in a very small space: Even the smallest deviations can lead to discords!

But not always something is broken right away. Often, a few single steps in the right place are enough to get your piano back to normal.

In other cases, it may of course be necessary to replace defective parts. Pegs, strings or hammer heads can be repaired quickly and inexpensively.

Should there be any major problems, I will give you a cost estimate and we will coordinate the further procedure in all peace and quiet.

But one thing is certain: With us – registered as an official specialist company for piano and harpsichord construction – your piano is in the best hands


Pianos and grand pianos are often 100 years and older. Hardly any proud owner would exchange his instrument for a new one.

For good reason: the warm, individual sound, the beautiful workmanship and the independent character make these old treasures so attractive.

But how can one purchase such an instrument without having to buy a pig in a poke? You have found the instrument of your dreams and now you want to know if it is worth the money?

Just give us a call! I will examine the piano (or grand piano) for you and take a professional look at it. If there are any defects, I can usually explain to you directly on site whether a repair is worthwhile and what costs would be involved.

This way you can be sure that your purchase is in order and you will not experience any unpleasant surprises.


As a long-time student of Maciej Lukaszczyk, President of the Chopin Society in the Federal Republic of Germany, I teach piano students of all ages. Both beginners and ambitious hobby pianists get their money's worth and will be happy to observe their own progress.

You determine the set task. The most important thing is that you enjoy your lessons and are motivated to perform your exercises. Due to a wide range of notes and styles, there is always a suitable piece for your personal taste and level of performance.

In the entire Rhine-Main area, lessons can be held at your home or at a nearby music school.


Are you looking for a piano or do you want to return your previous one? Please contact me. Due to my many customers and contacts I can surely help you quickly.

Please check my page regularly. Under the heading News, I place current requests and offers.